How To Get Started


Dee, we make this process as easy as possible for you. In fact, it’s as easy as “1,2,3…” If you are interested in moving forward, please contact your project leads, Jenelle Coy and Erin Washington, using the form below. Next, the following steps will be taken to begin the project execution:

  1. An agreement will be sent over for signature on the Freshbooks platform.

  2. A 50% deposit of one monthly retainer fee is expected upon signing the agreement to work together – these funds will be placed in escrow. For transparency, this does not represent

  3. The project will begin immediately, with a Brand Formula Workbook being sent to you (hard copy or electronic), by scheduling an on-boarding session, and by choosing which day to have our standing calls. During the onboarding, you will receive a final timeline, list of deliverables and payment schedule.

Once the onboarding takes place, and calls are scheduled, you have handed the project off to the Coy + team and we will hand it back to you towards the end of December.

As the client, you will have consistent, un-prohibited access to the website as it is being developed so that you will have a visual guide for our bi-weekly calls.

During our engagement, the best way to say “Thank you!” is to refer us within your network and to consider our team for additional service work.